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Our Vogel crystals are hand cut to match the healers energetic frequency, traditions and intentions, they are authentic; certified directly under Marcel Vogel.

Spirit Blossom provides Vogel crystals that are perfect for shamans, healers, light and energy workers. We have provided Vogel crystals to satisfied customers and healing institutions throughout the globe for many years.

Marcel Vogel developed the double terminated Vogel crystal, there are only two master cutters in the world that studied under Marcel and were certified by him. We employ both cutters.

“Telephones for God” is how Vogel crystals were described by Marcel Vogel. Cutting genuine Vogel crystals is a technical and spiritual art form possessed by only a few cutters trained by Vogel before his death in 1991. These masters of Vogel crystal cutting endeavor to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in which to cut crystals. Beyond the technical skills required, these individuals recognize the power of intention and special prayer before and during the creation process, while programming alignments into each Vogel crystal for the intended recipient. Spirit Blossom understands and honors the true nature of the Vogel crystal as developed by Marcel Vogel and demands this high standard of authenticity in the Vogel crystals that are provided to their clients.

Proprietress Melissa Rose is a certified energetic medicine practitioner and practicing shaman who graduated from the Four Winds Healing the Light Body Training in 2004 and the Master Sage program in 2006.  Learn more about Melissa Rose – Spirit Blossom.

Our Vogel crystals come highly recommended by instructors, students, and professionals from many healing institutions.

Read more about Vogel Crystals and Marcel Vogel on Wikipedia.

We delight in knowing that you are bringing healing, peace and harmony to our Mother earth, her beings, and to our children’s children…..

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