Vogel Crystals


Dear client, before you purchase a Vogel Crystal, please choose natural or lab grown crystal, the amount of facets and length you desire for your custom Vogel crystal. We will need a recent photo and your date of birth. You will find Information about facets and lengths are listed below.

Do not hesitate to call Melissa Rose proprietress directly at 970-275-8183 to discuss the possibilities and she can assist in dousing or tracking to see what is the best fit for you and your crystal.

Natural crystal is difficult to find these days and may have a few small inclusions as other minerals can be present in a piece. Spirit Blossom strives to find the cleanest pieces available. Natural clear crystal is in high demand and may take a very large piece to cut a crystal.

Lab grown crystal has the same energetic make up as natural, it is completely clear, free of inclusions and very durable.

Throughout our years of service, thankfully we have never had a disappointed client with our natural or lab grown crystals – both work very well.

Due to the purity and clarity of our Vogel crystals they are very strong and can safely and kindly hold large amounts of energy.



13 Facets are adept in removing tough stubborn energies and are capable of reaching far into the luminous energy field, therefore into past lives even reaching as far as into the the first luminous spark of a being.

12 Facets represent a complete cycle in cosmic order, restoring balance and harmony.

8 Facets represent totality, infinity, universal continuation, renewal and perfect rhythm.

6 Facets are considered a perfect number as six is the wonderful conjunction of the sum 1 2 3 and the product of 1X2X3. It is said to represent perfect balance, harmony and equilibrium. Six facets creates a hexagonal shape this is the same shape as water crystals. Our bodies our 70 percent water, therefore six facets is very effective when working with the human body and extracting energies.

We remind you to follow your own insights and choose according to what resonates best with your heart, energies, budget, and the size of your hands.

Here is a good site to read more about Vogel Crystals, their facets, uses, and healing powers.

Choosing the length of your Vogel Crystal

If the palm of your hand and your index finger is three inches or less we recommend a non chunky four or five inches in length. If you have large hands we recommend a five inch crystal in length. We thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to assisting you!

Prices Below Are Considered a Down Payment

Prices vary due to availability and current market price.  Please use the prices below as an estimate of cost.  If prices change up or down after submitting your payment below via paypal we will be in contact immediately.



13 Facets by 5 inches

13 Facets by 4 inches

12 Facets by 5 inches

12 Facets by 4 inches

8 Facets by 5 inches

8 Facets by 4 inches

6 Facets by 5 inches

6 Facets by 4 inches




















Shipping within the United States is $20.00 additional – fully insured.

Shipping Abroad is $40.00 additional – fully insured.

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