About Melissa Rose - Spirit Blossom Proprietress

Melissa Rose has been practicing Energetic Medicine since 2000.

She is a Certified Energetic Practitioner

Spirit Blossom provides authentic Vogel crystals that are perfect for shaman, healers, energy and light workers, and for your everyday person who wishes to bring healing, balance and harmony into their lives and to our world. Our Vogel crystals come highly recommended by instructors, students, and professionals from many healing institutions around the world.

Proprietress Melissa Rose has been practicing healing medicine for 24 years and is certified in energetic medicine, Reiki I, II, III, crystal healing, Vogel extraction work, Biogenesis, and is a practicing certified shaman.

Melissa works one on one or with a small group teaching the medicine wheel, to bring personal healing, and to expand ones horizons and insight by channeling, engaging and sharing ancient Incan healing wisdom. These sessions are offered in person, or over the phone. Melissa can teach you how to effectively use your new Vogel Crystal and can help you learn how to use energy to heal.

Energetic Medicine Certifications:

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Melissa Rose teaches Courses on Energy Medicine and Energetic Healing.  Learn More Here.

Melissa Rose - Energy Work Crested Butte